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Specialist mix with yeast

Trad’I Blend is a specialist yeast base for making traditional and rustic bread. Trad’I Blend is composed of the highest quality dried yeast for optimum fermentation, additives with a specific function to improve the quality of dough as well as aromas carefully selected from fermentation to provide a great flavour. It means a triple effect in one product. Owing to distinct hints and aroma of sour taste, Inventis Trad'I Blend allows to achieve an intense flavour and diversified products: multi‑grain bread, farmhouse bread, wheat bread, rustic style bread. Applying Trad'I Blend is easy and practical: it is enough to add water and flour and, optionally, grains to have your delicious bread ready. 

1 sachet (360 g) for 6 kg of flour

Available units
Bag 5,76 kg (16 sachets × 360 g)