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LESAFFRE is a specialist in fermentation processes

Bread, as we know, is the effect of a long-term evolution process that has been lasting for more than 5000 years. It is the final product of the complex  fermentation process that for many years has remained unexplained.

The end of XIX with its scientific progress and a scientific work of Louis Pasteur allowed for revealing of the role played by yeast–microscopic fungi – in the process of fermentation.

Louis Lesaffre (1802-1869), a contemporary of Pasteur, founder of the Group, which up-till-now operates under his name, quickly got interest in the new discoveries. Having an extensive experience in grain fermentation he established a factory of fresh yeast in France. He was one of the pioneers of the yeast industry, together with Baron Max de Springer, and actively contributed to the development of baking craft.
Yeast  became the basis for the further development of the company and diversification of the family business. For the generations Lesaffre company gradually developed to become a main Group in the business, with its  specialization in biotechnology.

150 years of experience in the baking industry service

The Lesaffre Group that was established in 1853 by Louis Lesaffre in Marcq-en-Baroeul, Northern France is at present a leader in yeast and yeast extract production. The activity of the Group is focused on baking market . The Group developed a broad range of products related to the fermentation industry: yeast, leavens and such derivative products  as bread improvers.

Brands that establish standards: Perfekta, l’hirondelle, Saf-Instant, Dynamil, Magimix… For more than  150 years Lesaffre developed a huge portfolio of international brands which are well recognized and often enough establish market standards. Lesaffre is interested in efficient reaction to bakers’ needs and habits in each country. It has created many local brands with specific features maintaining traditional high efficiency, consistence and bacteriological purity.

Close relationship with world  baking industry thanks to the Baking Centres

Many years of working “ arm-in-arm” with bakers made that Lesaffre always appreciated close, based on professionalism relationships with co-workers,. Thus about 30 years ago the Group opened its first Baking Centre (an international technological centre of baking) in Marcq-en-Baroul (France). This valuable place of dialogue and co-operation enabled Lesaffre and bakers to exchange the technological knowledge, know-how, a development of the profession and new baking technologies. Now there are 28 baking centres all around the world, which train thousands of bakers each year. Technologists working at the baking centres provide technological support and run professional trainings.
Innovations anticipating expectations of  future clients

Lesaffre runs an active policy of implementation of the results of the researches focused on new  consumer trends and new production methods.  The  Group has significantly contributed to many important developments of the baking industry such as : adaptation of yeast to new processes of baking, reinvention of the traditional leaven, development of special yeast for confectionery  products, pre-portioned  frozen products, etc.
LESAFFRE in CENTRAL EUROPE, infrastructure and products created to serve bakers

Many years presence

Central Europe division of  Lesaffre, created many years ago, has strong business relations with all countries of the region thanks to its commercial and industrial facilities , and thanks to its distribution network.  The company has more than 8 production factories spread all over the region, situated in Poland, Hungary and Croatia to assure the maximum quality and products freshness.

Yeast- dry, compressed, liquid, frozen and  flakes

Lesaffre produces different types of yeast to meet all bakers’ needs.

In the Central Europe compressed yeast is  the most popular and the most often used by bakers type of yeast .  This type of yeast is excellent for frequent use.  Yeast in the form of flakes or liquid one is adjusted to be used  according to the strict industrial procedures. And dry yeast, without water input, is often used in the countries which are willing to experiment in the difficult climate conditions.

Lesaffre is a leader on yeast market. Its brands are  recognized by bakers thanks to their particularly high quality parameters, such as fermentation power, efficiency, stability and consistence.

Bread improvers

Within the few last  years Lesaffre Group noticed a big chance in the expansion of the bread improvers market. The chance was proved by the success of the improvers lines: Dynamil and Magimix,  which are presently considered to be a standard in the baking industry.


As for leaven, Lesaffre, with its brand Crème de Levain ( yeast cream), is the only producer offering the bakers ready-made leaven with best before date corresponding to the one of yeast.

Lesaffre Group: the most important facts
  • Family company established in France in 1853.
  • Specialization in fermentation products – mainly yeast
  • World leader in yeast and yeast extract production
  • 50 production facilities in more than  26 countries
  • Presence on the markets of more than 180 countries
  • 7 000 people employed on  5 continents