Lesaffre Poland

Lesaffre Polska SA is a producer of baker’s compressed and liquid yeast , bread improvers, bakery and confectionery mixes.
The seat of the company as well as the factory are located in Wołczyn (Opole province).
The company has been a part of the French Lesaffre Group for ten years.
Brands that establish standards
For more that  150 years Lesaffre has developed a tremendous portfolio of international brands which are well recognized within the industry, and often enough they establish market standards. In Poland  apart from baker’s compressed, liquid and dry  yeast , and two bread improvers lines Lesaffre developed also a broad range of bakery and confectionery mixes. Meeting the expectations of the market Lesaffre Polska priority is a further development of additives range and effective co-operation with bakeries and confectioneries. 
Our products portfolio includes also organic  fertilizers: Vinasses, Potavin, potassium extract and fodders that are obtained due to the specificity of yeast production. These products and agricultural waste water application contribute to the realization by Lesaffre Polska of an environment protection program which is complaint with a sustainable development principle.
Close relationships with bakers thanks to the Banking Centre
For Lesaffre it is important to base its co-operation with customers on the principle of a partnership and a dialogue. Therefore the Lesaffre Group has set up Baking Centres which for 30 years have trained thousands of bakers a year. Currently there are 28 baking centres all around the world, including Poland, Warsaw. This is a valuable place of collaboration with our clients which allows to  train bakers in our products and enables to develop new baking technologies.
In order to be closer to customers Lesaffre Polska has created  a team of sales representatives and bakery and confectionery technologists who work every day in the area and provide technological assistance.
Support of baking and confectionery industry

Lesaffre it is not only a production  and sale of the goods for baking and confectionery industry. The company for many years is trying to promote the profession of a baker, and to show that it can be as exciting as sport competitions. Thus Lesaffre has been organizing eliminations to the Bakery World Cup for the third time!