Lesaffre Polska SA is a manufacturer of pressed and liquid bakery yeast, improvers, bakery and confectionery mixes and bakery and confectionery additives. The company’s headquarters and the yeast factory are located in Wołczyn (opolskie voivodeship). The company’s branch producing improvers and additives is located in Łódź and in Warsaw there is the Bakery Center. For 10 years the company has been a part of the French Lesaffre Group. 

Brands that define standards
For more than 150 years Lesaffre has developed a large portfolio of international brands which are well known in the trade and often participate in establishing market standards. In Poland, apart from pressed, liquid and dried yeast and two lines of improvers Lesaffre developed a wide range of bakery and confectionery mixes. In response to market demand the priority of Lesaffre Polska remains the further development of additives range and effective cooperation with bakeries and confectionery manufacturers. The company’s offer includes also organic fertilizers: Vinassa, Potavin and potassium extract and pasturages which are obtained thanks to yeast production. These products and usage of production waste in agriculture allow Lesaffre Polska to implement environment protection program pursuant to the principle of sustainable development.
Close contacts with bakers thanks to the Bakery Center
Lesaffre recognizes importance of cooperation with customers based on partnership and dialogue. That is why Lesaffre Group established Bakery Center which for over 30 years has been providing education for thousands of bakers every year. At present there are 28 such centers all over the world including Poland in Warsaw. It is a valuable place of cooperation with customers providing bakers with trainings in our products applications and perfecting baking technologies.